At Autumn Rose Realty Team, we know better than anyone that selling a home requires the perfect combination of home pricing, marketing strategy and contract negotiation. We follow the market closely, and have a solid understanding of current home value. And finally, we pride ourselves on our ability to skillfully negotiate on behalf of our clients.
Unlike many realtors out there, we take a community-focused approach to marketing your home. We’ll advertise through the usual channels, but we’ll also work hard to inform the community as a whole about your home, aggressively marketing your home through online outlets, social media, and creatively-planned opportunities to showcase your home in person.

Why Choose Us?

  • We’re the experts on local real estate market trends and areas. We pay close attention to patterns in the market, and constantly have our finger on the pulse of Bellingham real estate. We work hard to bring this expertise to every client relationship.

Your priorities are our priorities. We’ll use your input every step in the way as we determine the best price for your home, and we’ll consult with you whenever you need it.

Finding the best buyer for your home requires a comprehensive approach to marketing. We’ll actively seek out the best channels and media for promoting your home, and we’ll use our own networks within the Bellingham real estate community to ensure your sale is the best one it can be.

  • We know negotiation. We pride ourselves on our ability to artfully negotiate in competitive real estate markets. This process can be intense, and it requires a cool head and steady hands. That’s where we can help.
  • Communication and follow-through are at the core of our business. It goes without saying that great communication is the basis of every strong relationship. We take our communication with you incredibly seriously, and we’ll never let more than 24 hours go by without getting back to you.